Joy stove: home chef


The ultimate charcoal powered stove!


*free p&p included in this bundle deal*

With this Joy Stove kit you can grill steaks to perfection, and smash burgers. Along with breakfasts on the plancha. And you can use your pans and wok like a pro. 

The Grill and the Plancha are restaurant grill chef standard. Naturally non-stick and thick enough to hold the heat without warping. The heat transfer and the caramelisation you can achieve is awesome. 

I have this set-up at home, I use it on its own and as a companion grill for my Kamado Joe or Weber kettle. It’s very versatile and great for trips out to the beach or camping.

This deal includes the following:

Joy Stove 

*All in medium size 

+ Carbon Steel Grill

+ Carbon Steel Plancha

+Hob rings to cook with pans on

+Wire travel grill


+4 kilos of Holm oak charcoal 

+Wood wool firelighters X 1 pack


+Free Post & Package within the U.K.