All you need to be a Campfire Cook!

This JOY STOVE package gets you cooking, and the rest helps you make the tidiest campfire, with our kiln dried wood, kindling and eco firelighters to get the campfire going.

Then for the cooking, we’re including a bag of our wonderful Holm Oak charcoal, and some chunks of applewood which you can use in the Joy Stove, for some added fruity wood smoke deliciousness.


The Joy Stove is perfect for any campfire or garden cook out !

1 x Large Joy Stove

20 k of birch & beech logs

1 x kindling wood

5 k Holm Oak Charcoal

3 k of Apple wood chunk

Pack of 50 Log Co Eco firelighters

*Campers who do make fires should do so in a responsible manner, keeping the fire small and in a designated area away from the living space, ensuring it is never left unattended and making sure there is no trace of the fire when they leave. It is also important that you do not damage trees and other vegetation when making a fire, so you should either use wood gathered from the ground (small twigs or branches that have naturally broken off from vegetation and trees) or bring your own fuel. Never bring spent fuel or charcoal into or close by to the sleeping area . Be Carbon Monoxide aware *click here* for further details. Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible, but it is deadly. Camp safely!