Applewood - English Bramley: 15 kilo box



Great for grills, Low & Slow Bbq and wood-fired ovens.

*Top-Tip. This wood is incredibly dense, one log can last for 3 - 4 cooks when combined with charcoal. Set it near to the fire to catch gently and release its aromas.

Applewood is hard, dense and aromatic when used for cooking. It has a solid and long burn value with an equally consistent coal. It’s very special in its clarity of flavour and the golden colour it gives.

My favourite is a simple spatchcock chicken, salted or dry rubbed and cooked indirect on a kettle bbq. The result is delicious with a notable zest to the final dish.

Each apple orchard is made up of a complex blend of old varieties and it’s this micro eco-system that helps avoid disease.The soil type is higher alkaline and produces a hard, sharp to light-sweet mineral rich complex aromatic.  

Kiln Dried English Wood. Grown in Britain. 'Ready to Burn'