VINEWOOD: ‘SKINNY’ Bio-dynamic


Ideal for use in outdoor grills and kettle BBQ’s, where they add a vigor to the fire, then produce a fine and aromatic ember.

Culturally and historically used in the Valencia region of Spain, across to Burgos outside of Madrid. Then down & across to The Loire Valley of France.

They make a really elegant and beautiful coal when burned down. Think Paella, milk-fed lamb and the Calcot festivals in Spain in early spring. It’s a fuel with heritage and culture in abundance. These ‘Sarmiento’ or ‘Sarment’ in Spanish or French cuisine are a live-fire classic, carefully harvested in an area where the vineyards eschew mechanized extraction, and where these sturdy white horses are harnessed to clear the land. 

The long skinny vinewood clippings are taken each year, they’re bundled manually and dried for use the following year. The vines are a mix of Grenache, Muscat, and Chenin. The harsh soil type producing strong and vigorous plants. Ours are biodynamic and produced by hand in the Loire Valley.