VINEWOOD: Chunky Bio-dynamic



Improved size for easier use

Using these new fist-size chunky pieces are great a cooking experience. Add one or two chunks in a grill, a kettle BBQ, or for giving a new dimensions to your Kamado cooking. 

Explore ‘classic’ grilling-over-wood with these; they burn hot, and clean, with that elusive pure white ash. Great for meat, fish and vegetables. They impart deep rich and vineous minerality to the aromatics, and are the classic fuel for “Grapevine-Grilled Rib-eye Steaks" – Entrecôte Bordelaise aux Sarments. 

Much loved by Chef Angie Mar of The Beatrice Inn, in East Village, New York. Our chunky ‘bio-dynamic’ vines display strong heat through to the embers, giving a stable and near ‘white coal’ heat. 

The vineyards eschew mechanized extraction, so beautiful white horses are harnessed to clear the land. The vines are a mix of Bio-Dynamic Loire Valley Grenache, Muscat, and CheninThe harsh soil type producing strong and vigorous plants.