Ultimate 'JOY STOVE' Chef


The ultimate 'JOY STOVE' chef set 


*Save over £50 on this bundle deal* 

This little power house of a stove is a great stand alone bbq.  Or have it as a companion to your ceramic Kamado style bbq.

It's a real fired-up performer with a well earned cult status, and now with the upgraded carbon steel grill and plancha, you really can get a consistent professional kitchen quality finish to your steaks, chops, vegetables and burger patties.

The Joy Stove is charcoal powered, though you can use wood chunks and chips to add to the experience.

It's incredibly versatile and robust, with functions for grilling, flat plancha and stove top pan or wok cooking. All this makes it uniquely functional, and portable for trips away, or bbq buddy meet ups.

We love this Joy Stove set up, we're sure you will too!

 Included in the offer:

1 x Large Joy Stove

1 x Large carbon Steel Grill set

1 x Large Carbon Steel Plancha

1 x concentric ring stove top / wok set

1 x Joy Stove robust carry bag


*SPECIAL OFFER* included with this pack 

1 x 4 kilo bag of the mighty Holm Oak charcoal

1 x pack of 50 Log Co natural firelighters